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The Quan Shu club is a martial arts school that was founded in Toronto in 2002 and is affiliated with the International Federation of Shaolin Kungfu. We study traditional Shaolin Wushu primarily focusing on the Shaolin Quan style.

The goal of our school is to learn and inherit the skills of the masters, to study the martial and spiritual aspects of Wushu, as well as to explore Chinese culture as it relates to the martial art. Our teaching style is rooted deeply in Shaolin tradition interpreted within the context of Western perception and lifestyle.

A lot of attention is paid to working with internal energies (Qigong), understanding the physical and energetic principles of the style, practicing hands-on combat skills and patterns, and general physical education. Along with forms of Shaolin Quan we introduce some elements of Tai Chi and use Yoga postures (asanas) to increase and maintain flexibility. The method of teaching allows for various skill levels of students that depend on their age and health. Taking advantage of traditional training techniques one can strengthen one's health, balance the body's energy, acquire self-confidence, and cope better with everyday stress.

The average age of our students is from 20 to 40 years old, and in general Shaolin Quan is beneficial for the young, elderly and anyone in between. In China and all over the world Wushu is practiced by people of all ages. Chinese health institutions use many aspects of this martial art in healing and health-maintenance applications. Wushu practice is diverse and helps people achieve their goals of learning self-defense, maintaining and strengthening their health, and gaining a metaphysical understanding of the world.

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