Questions & Answers

Are the classes open to beginners?

Yes! Our classes have a mix of beginner and intermediate students to improve and learn together. all our classes are beginner friendly. Each lesson or workout is well-organized to accommodate newer members.

Do I have to sign a membership contract?

We don’t make make you sign any sort of membership agreement or contract. All we ask is that you bring your best attitude to every class.

Are there any women only courses?

We don’t discriminate on gender and all classes are open to anyone willing to learn Kung Fu so no, we do not provide any gender segregated classes. If you’re looking for private lessons those can be offered upon arrangement.

Can I try a class?

Sure! First class is free. Just let us know you’re coming.

Can I join at any time? Do you have terms?

We don’t have any terms so you can hop in whenever you’d like.

What should I wear?

Long sleeves and gym shoes are encouraged. There’s no uniforms or belts at our school.