The Quan Shu Club is here to help you achieve physical and spiritual goals through our comprehensive and holistic approach to learning kung fu. While there is a gym that students practice at in bad weather you will also practice in parks on the grass or on asphalt or gravel - because the chances of needing your self-defense in a gym is minimal and learning in the elements brings you closer to the reality of where you could find yourself needing to use your self defense skills.

Every class starts with thorough stretching and breathing exercises. This help to warm-up the body and focus the mind - forget about the days worries or what you need to do tomorrow and focus on the moment.

Next, technique will be taught. Each class is different but technique is always stressed. Our small class sizes mean you have plenty of opportunity to be critiqued and have your technique improved.

After technique comes application. Here our students have an opportunity to practice what they’ve learnt through practical application. Beginners, you’ll practice on punching bags and partners with little risk of being hurt. Move advanced students, be prepared to get physical.

The end of class is reserved to breathing. Our instructors will take you through some calming exercises to bring the heart rate down and to help relax the body and mind.

Like with anything, it takes time to become comfortable with something new and even more time to become good at it. We encourage practicing your technique at home and to be patient with the trial and error process that is inevitable in learning a new skill. The reward is worth it.

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