Program (in depth)

The general program of Shaolin kungfu training includes many aspects and traditions. The main mission of Shaolin training is to bring up the harmonious man or woman, not only perfect fighter but first of all spiritually highly developed person. That's why Shaolin program embraces not only martial art techniques but many other issues like health-maintaining exercises, spiritual development etc.

General Program in Shaolin training includes :

Shaolin techniques (fangfa)

  • Basic methods of training (jibengong)
  • Routines and exercises (taolu) with and without weapons
  • Practical application of taolu methods (young fa)
  • Different methods of free sparing with and without weapons (sanda)
  • Special methods of Shaolin training and developing body (gongfa)
  • Methods of seizing, grasping and using vital point of human body (quinna)
  • Self-defense (fan shen shu)
  • Methods of crashing the opponent

Shaolin health maintaining (Shaolin yi)

  • Maintaining of healthy body and spirit (jiankang shu)
  • Breathing and energetic exercises (qigong)
  • Basics of everyday healthy life
  • Shaolin dietology

Shaolin Spiritual practice

  • Inner practice (neigong)
  • Mediation (zuochan)

Shaolin Theory (Shaolin lilun)

  • History of Shaolin tradition
  • History and basics of different styles of kungfu
  • The moral regulation and the behavior of true Shaolin follower (Shaolin wude)
  • The main ideas of Shaolin tradition, Shaolin brotherhood, keeping secret knowledge etc.
  • Basics of Chinese philosophy (zhexue)
  • Chan-Buddhism (Chan zong)